Southern Cross Gold Project

Southern Cross, Aurora

The Southern Cross region has a long, illustrious history of mineral exploration dating back to early prospector activity in the 19th century. The Southern Cross Greenstone Belt boasts over 150 known gold deposits and has historically produced over 15 million ounces of gold. The Belt contains a number of plus 1 million ounce gold deposits including the 3Moz Marvel Loch gold deposit, the 2.6Moz Bullfinch–Copperhead gold deposit and the 2.2Moz Bounty gold deposit.

Bullseye are the second largest tenement holder in Southern Cross, with 220km2 on the Southern Cross/Bullfinch Greenstone Belt. Exploration has been undertaken across the entire project area on a systematic campaign style basis by the Bullseye exploration team and is ongoing. Several target areas have been outlined through historical data review and analysis, aeromagnetic data, geochemical soil sampling and geological interpretation.

Bullseye have been diligently working to compile a Southern Cross Project suite of tenements that, together, can provide the potential for a complimentary series of satellite Gold deposits surrounding Bullseye’s Hopes Hill mining tenement. The Hopes Hill tenement is the central site of the historical gold processing plant at Southern Cross and today is the only tenement large enough in the Southern Cross region to hold a >1Mtpa gold processing plant.

Historical haul roads, water pipelines and electricity lines connect the Bullseye satellite tenements to the central Hopes Hill mine site. With this existing infrastructure, the cost of placing a new processing facility within the project is significantly reduced. All of the tenements within Bullseye’s Southern Cross Gold Project are linked by existing infrastructure and are within 40km of the Hopes Hill mine site. Similar mineralisation styles across the Southern Cross Gold Project will allow processing to be focussed at the central Hopes Hill site. The combination of short haulage distances and shared processing facilities will keep mining and processing costs low.