Company Overview

Bullseye Mining Limited (‘Bullseye’ or ‘the Company’) was incorporated as a public unlisted company in 2006 in Perth, Western Australia. Bullseye is a gold exploration and gold production company with over 1,200km2 of gold-rich Greenstone terrain located in the World Class gold fields of Western Australia. Bullseye’s highly prospective Gold portfolio is 100% Company owned. Over 100 million ounces (oz) of gold has already been produced from the Greenstone terrain surrounding Bullseye’s flagship North Laverton Gold Project (NLGP).

Bullseye is in the unique position of owning the entire Dingo Range Greenstone Belt tenure, where the NLGP is located. This puts Bullseye in an extremely advantageous position with an entire, consolidated Greenstone Belt. The Dingo Range Greenstone Belt is over 800km2 in area and is one of the few underexplored Greenstone Belts in Western Australia today.

The NLGP current mine plan (Stage One Onsite Mining & Processing) consists of three open pit gold deposits: Bungarra, Boundary and Stirling, all located within a 5km radius resulting in optimal mine scheduling, optimal mill blending and shared capital and operating costs. Mining Licences, Mining Proposal & Mine Closure Plans have been granted and approved by the Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation & Safety (DMIRS). Additional approvals and permits will be put into place throughout the development and construction of the on-site gold processing plant.

NLGP design, development and construction is now underway with award winning gold processing plant specialist consulting group, Como Engineers (Como).

Como Engineers are well respected within the Australian mining industry with over 30 years of knowledge and experience in pre-feasability, bankable and definitive feasibility studies, including the complete design for gold process plant & infrastructure. Work is normally carried out to a financial accuracy of between +/-15% to +/-10%. Como Engineers philosophy of “fit for purpose” means Como can provide practical cost effective solutions to the NLGP timing, budget and market needs and Como will work closely with Bullseye right through to NLGP Construction Management and Supervision.

Gold Exploration at the North Laverton Gold Project (NLGP)

Stage One Onsite Mining and Processing at the NLGP consists of three open pit gold deposits: Bungarra, Boundary and Stirling. Bullseye has conducted a further 34,946m exploration drill program at the NLGP which has successfully resulted in a further two areas of gold mineralisation being delineated; the Hurleys gold deposit and the Neptune gold deposit. Neptune was identified through the Bullseye exploration geochemical soil sampling campaign and is a virgin gold discovery credited to the talent and hard work of the Bullseye exploration team. Both Hurleys and Neptune represent additional gold mineralisation that could be added to the mining Resources and Reserves at the NLGP, bringing the total from three gold deposits to five potential gold deposits. The Bullseye team will work toward this potential extension of the life of mine 'LOM' of the NLGP as part of the planned expansion 'Stage Two Mining and Processing' for the NLGP.

The Bullseye exploration team have additionally identified five new gold targets: Freemans, St. Francis, Boundary North, Aviary and Eclipse. Bullseye has completed geochemical soil sampling at all five of these target areas in preparation for drilling.