NLGP Gold Production

Gold Mining and Production at the North Laverton Gold Project (NLGP)

The NLGP is located on a 36km2 Granted Mining Licence which is located centrally on Bullseye’s 800km2 Dingo Range Greenstone Belt tenure. Since 2014, Bullseye have been actively exploring the region. Exploration has included 3 major Resource drilling programs, 2 hydrogeological drilling programs, metallurgical and geotechnical drill & testwork programs and extensive geochemical sampling.

The NLGP current mine plan (Stage One Onsite Mining & Processing) consists of three open pit gold deposits: Bungarra, Boundary and Stirling, all located within a 5km radius resulting in optimal mine scheduling, optimal mill blending and shared capital and operating costs. Mining Licences, Mining Proposal & Mine Closure Plans have been granted and approved by the Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation & Safety (DMIRS). Additional approvals and permits will be put into place throughout the development and construction of the planned on-site gold processing plant.

Map & PitsBullseye's North Laverton Gold Project (NLGP) Planned Onsite Mining & Processing